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Are you WHO you blog?

Saturday, April 14th, 2007

1. What made you decide to blog? When did you start to blog?

I started off blogging using Blogger in 2002. A little later there was this younger friend Kiffer whom became my tech guru who offered me to use his webspace and helped me set up “Movable Type” and showed me some basics in using the tools for blogging.

Here’s what I wrote on my first post on August 22, 2002 entitled “Start”:

“I just decided to start my own weblog. Karen Ward from ELCA was the first person to nudge me in this direction. The Newsweek article sparked a greater interest. Ah! I dunno what I’m getting myself into … well … let’s see what happens. Just came back from pre-natal class with May Chin, it was fun. The refreshments were good!

Two years later this is what I wrote here “Thoughts from a 32year Old: How broadband & blogging changed my life”:

“… At first, I just wanted to have a “place” to “record” down my moments and reflections. I never thought it actually gave me more confidence in my writing (which I still think it sucks!). The more delightful and surprising aspect is how new “friendships” (to many to even link now) that are formed by a “generous” exchange of ideas and links (and love/respect/encouragement/correction?!). I find my horizons constantly “expanding” and more multiple “connections”in terms of ideas and insights. And of course, in a context like that, I believe some “butterfly effect” kind of change (for the better of course) is happening! Some of this has spilled over even to others in the church and now we even have a BLC community blog …”

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